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​65cm x 100cm

This quilt was inspired by a trip to Florida where these beautiful birds were seen in their natural habitat as well as an iconic image used on signage for bars, clubs and postcards with the message: Greetings form Florida.  Hand painted fabrics have been cut, torn and layered with a mixture of sheer fabrics and secured with raw edge appliqué.

Garden in the Woods

65cm x 100cm


This quilt was inspired by drawings and photos made in Dorset. The flowers and trees have been made from hand painted fabrics and then layered with sheers and coloured nets. Hand and machine stitching has been used to make the raw edge appliqué.

Sunflower Garden

​96cm x 67cm


This quilt has been worked on a tie dyed blue background for sky and the flowers have been painted and layered with raw edge appliqué using small scraps of sheer fabrics and free machine embroidery.

Pond Life

​57cm x 70cm


The garden pond is alive with fish darting under water lily pads and flowers. This quilt is inspired by the colour, shape and movement of brightly coloured fish and the reflected surfaces of water lilies and water. It is made from hand painted fabrics and pieces of organza that have been cut, torn, layered and stitched to secure raw edged appliqué.


​107cm x 64cm


The Alhambra is a magnificent Moorish palace overlooking Granada in Spain. It inspired this quilt that incorporates a view of the building on the mountain edge with features inside the stone walls showing some of the shapes, patterns and decoration within the halls, corridors and courtyards.
Hand painted and dyed fabrics have been layered with sheers and secured with raw edge appliqué.

Iceland on the Edge of Spring

​100cm x 60cm


The inspiration for this quilt came from sketches and photos made in Iceland at the end of winter when frozen land and lakes begin to thaw and snow and ice melts on volcanic rocks to reveal dark, sculptural structures. High up in the mountains the glacier is solid and trapped in in the deep valley but surrounding rock faces are showing through as the snowy covering melts away.
Hand painted and dyed fabrics have been layered with sheers and metallic fabrics that have been secured with raw edge appliqué..

Hyde Hall Garden in Late Summer

105​cm x 75cm


Bringing structure to informal arrangements of planting is of great importance to prevent an overall appearance of a tangled mess. Groups of Echinacea and Sea Holly brings focus and direction to the design.
Hand painted fabrics, sheers and nets have been cut, torn, layered and secured with raw edge appliqué

The Rock Garden

​62cm x 45cm


It is good for the soul to escape to the garden and find a quiet place to sit, contemplate and loose your thoughts. This corner of the Rock Garden at Hyde Hall inspired the design that has been made from painted and dyed fabrics of different textures. Hand and machine stitching secure the raw edged appliqué and quilting and some loose threads have been left to represent the vegetation.


Featured in Contempary Quilters Newsletter P18

Elements of Spring

80cm x 45cm

This quilt was inspired by a garden showing new plant life and flowers emerging from the soil at this time of expansion, growth and renewal. Hand painted fabrics have been cut, torn and layered to represent crocuses and snowdrops growing amongst pebbles and clods of earth. The background is made from tie dyed and painted fabrics to represent the old weathered wall that surrounds the garden.

Hyde Hall Garden

76cm x 103cm

This quilt is inspired by a secluded part of one of the gardens and is made from painted fabrics of different textures. They have been cut, torn, layered and stitched by hand and machine to secure the raw edge applique and to produce this quilted panel. Loose threads have been left to represent the vegetation.

Silvery Sea

80cm x 71cm

This work was inspired by the early morning sun shining on the sea.  The water is created by stitching silvery layers of silks, satins, nets and transparent fabrics over a hand painted background.  Silvery threads and machine and hand quilting represent the ripples and movement of the waves.

Summer Garden

30cm x 30cm

This small quilted panel was inspired by an Italian garden in the strong sunshine. The image was first painted onto polyester satin using heat transfer dyes and then hand stitching and machine embroidery have drawn in the detail. The sheer fabric and scrolls machine stitched on the left hand side of the composition represent a shadier part of the garden by an iron gate

Through the Ruins

50cm x 120cm

This quilted wall hanging was inspired by a visit to Warley Place and has a hand painted central panel using heat transfer fabric dyes on polyester satin. Layers of sheer fabrics have been applied with free machine quilting using metallic threads. The surrounding areas combine hand painted cottons and muslins with sheers and stitching on the machine and by hand.

First Signs of Spring

55cm x 79cm

This quilt has been pieced with fabrics of different textures and the trees and petals were hand upainted before applying.  The snowdrops were bonded into place before the quilt was machine stitched.

Memories of Venice

98cm x 85cm

Neglected buildings show evidence of previous eras regarding their occupants, decorative styles, materials and fashionable colours and patterns.  The exteriors of the Venetian dwellings show staining from past flooding and peeling and fading caused by weather conditions and time.

Fabrics have been cut, torn and then painted and layered to create worn surfaces and reflections in water.  Hand and machine stitching have been used to draw in details.

Sunset on the Horizon

150cm x 50cm

Made from dyed and hand painted cottons and muslins. The fabrics have been hand and machined stitched in layers to represent the landscape and frayed edge appliqué gives a soft edge to shapes representing vegetation. The swans are the focal point and have been made from satin and lace with free machine quilting to add the drawing of the form. Larger scale textures have been used in the foreground to give an illusion of depth to the composition

Venetian Shutters

​​76cm x 120cm


Hand dyed and painted fabrics and lace that have been collaged in layers to show the blistering, peeling and disintegration of the old wooden shutters that have been exposed to the weather and are fading with age. Found objects have been included in the stitchery.

Farmhouse in the Landscape & Birds in the Landscape

9.7cm x 21cm & ​29.7cm x 21cm


Both quilts have been designed to be displayed together. They are made by layering hand painted fabrics and machine stitching draws in the details. Raw edges have been used to represent the vegetation.

Floating Market in Vietnam

​21cm x 30cm


The Vietnamese people in the floating markets work very hard organizing their produce and selling from their boats in hot, crowded and busy waterways. This bird's eye view from above looks down on the hustle and bustle of the water traffic. In this quilt fabrics have been cut, torn, painted and layered to represent the colours and textures of this rustic scene.  The conical hats of the market traders and the collections of fruit and vegetables make interesting patterns contained in the long, streamlined boats. The water has been created by stitching into transparent fabrics over a base of layered cloth. There is a hand painted background of oranges and yellows that are inspired by the very hot sun and high humidity.  Free machine quilting and hand stitching draw in detail to represent the ripples and movement of the water. 

Venetian Waterways

60cm x 100cm


This quilt is made from hand painted, recycled fabrics.  The layering of colour on the buildings represent the many coats of paint that have been applied to the walls over time and as the weather has worn away surfaces so the underlying colours are exposed.Reverse applique has been used to represent the water and show the reflections dancing on the surface.

Uban Fox of York

35cm x 65cm


This quilt is inspired by an early morning walk through York in the Autumn. It had rained during the night and the morning sun, reflected on the wet surfaces of the Minster and pavements, dissolved the form and colour of the stones.   The city of York is well known for its historical buildings and it is surrounded by the stunning Yorkshire countryside.   It also has interesting parks, nature reserves, woodland and public open spaces that provide homes for wildlife and contain approximately 20,000 trees. In this quilt the urban fox, crossing in front of the Minster, represents the presence of wildlife in the city of York.

I am interested in textured surfaces created by light, climate, weather and age.  Fabrics have been hand painted, cut and torn to make collages that have been then been drawn on with thread by hand and machine stitching through layers to produce the quilt. 

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