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Nautical Elvis

48cm x 33cm

Nautical Elvis can be used as an installation piece or as a small table for laptop or coffee. The top base has a flat mosaic design of a shell made from cut ceramic tiles.  The rest of the figure has been covered with a combination of materials including tiles and found objects from the beach such as shells, smoothed glass and china fragments and trinkets.


55cm x 23cm

Fragments of china and broken ceramic tiles have been used to create a mosaic design representing flame shapes on the hood of the lamp that has a metal base.

Patch The Dog

32cm high and nose to tail 80 cm

Patch the Dog has a metal frame with a mosaic design made from small patches of china, glass and metal trinkets

Stove Plant Stand

55cm x 22cm (the pot is 14cm high)

This metal stove has been recycled to create a plant stand  The theme of the stove inspired the flame and glowing coal mosaic design and this has been extended into the separate plant pot on top.

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