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80cm x 100cm

This painting uses acrylic layers over textures made with applied papers and wood chips to make different surfaces.  Rhododendrons in bright colours create a mosaic style pattern in the composition.​


88cm x 68cm

This painting is made from watercolour using thin layers. A blue background has been selected to contrast with the light, delicate colours of the flowers.


45cm x 55cm

This painting has been made from watercolour pencils.

The colours are applied in layers to create a depth of co lour and sections of the petals have been diluted with water to blend the colours further.​


55cm x 45cm

Watercolour pencils on watercolour paper are ideal to create the texture of the dry, twigs and leaves that the birds have used to weave their nest. Negative space drawing gives depth to the structure of the nest​


55cm x 45cm

The watercolour pencils are ideal to represent the fine texture of the rabbit's fur.  Water has been applied to the animal's eye to make it denser in colour and contrast with the softness of the body.  Application of water on the flowers blends the colours on the flowers.​

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